Yes and no. Everyone has a different pain threshold and handle pain differently. If you relax and concentrate on breathing throughout your tattoo you will be able to handle it fine.

Single use needles only. Needles are discarded immediately after use and disposed of through incineration by a recognised medical waste company, as per government regulations.

All stainless steel instruments that are used go through a strict cleansing routine. They are first cleaned ultrasonically, then soaked in a chemical sterilising bath and finally placed into an autoclave. This destroys all bacteria and viruses (eg. HIV, Hepatitis etc).

The autoclave itself is tested regularly.

Disposable ink caps are used and discarded after each client.

Everything that touches your person is either completely sterile or new.

There is a minimum cost of R500 per person which covers new needles and the sterilisation process. The cost structure works on the size, detail, amount of colour and area of the body that the tattoo is going onto. We can not quote on a design that we have not seen clearly and at the correct size. Also, please understand that any quote you are given is a price GUIDE and not the end quote until it is drawn up by the artist and ready to be tattooed.

We do NOT tattoo under 18s and you MUST bring ID with you when you get tattooed so that we can check your age. Parental consent does not change our rules and there will be no exceptions.


Pre care:
* No energy drinks, alcohol or drugs before or directly after you get tattooed.
* Don’t apply topical numbing cream to the area as it can affect your skin cells.
* Don’t get the area sunburnt and your skin can’t be peeling.
* It is very important that you eat a meal before you get tattooed
* Bring a coke or some sweets to keep your blood sugar levels up.

After care:
Your tattoo will be covered up for a minimum of 6hrs after which you will take the dressing off and wash really well with warm soapy water, using your hand only, pat dry with a clean towel and apply a small amount of dettol cream. Apply the dettol cream twice daily each day for two weeks while the tattoo heals. NO sun, sea or swimming pools for a minimum of two weeks during healing.

Bookings are essential at Wildfire Tattoo regardless of the time of year. We are always busy and you are required to pay a deposit of R500 towards your tattoo upon booking. This deposit is refundable up to 24 hours prior to your booking but after this if you do not make it your deposit is claimed by the artist. Bookings should be made in person at either of our shops or they can be made via the telephone with a bank transfer deposit.

WILDFIRE TATTOO bank details:

Wildfire Long Street, Cape Town
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account number : 62347026016
Branch: Long Street

Wildfire Canal Walk
Bank: Nedbank
Account number : 1926017617
Branch Code: 192621

Other answers to general questions:

Please note we do not accept bookings via email except long distance (OUT of South Africa)
For any other general enquiries please contact us on the telephone not email.
We do not remove tattoos and we recommend that you do some research into a well established laser removal studio before you let anyone attempt to remove your tattoo. If you are thinking about removing it before it has been done then out advice is DON’T get tattooed!
We will not copy or repeat other peoples tattoo designs without their consent.
We do not tattoo hands and feet (this includes wedding bands).
If you have designs that need working on or any reference that you have collected that needs to be created into a design then you will need to see an artist a minimum of one week before your booking.
Please come prepared for your consultation!
The sun will damage your skin and tone down the colours in your tattoo so avoid direct sun tanning and use a good blockout to preserve your tattoo.
On a dark skin black ink is a better option as colour will not be clear or very visible (remember that the ink goes beneath the colour pigment of your skin).
We are a permanent tattoo studio.
There is no semi-permanent or temporary tattoo that can be tattooed under your skin with tattoo ink.
If you are tattooed with a machine it is not coming off. Some studios use facial tattoo ink which fades SLIGHTLY as you age, but never disappears.


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